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A Toll-Free number lets your customers connect with your business with no call charges. The company owning the toll-free number pays for each incoming call they receive. IVRS Plus is the best Toll-Free Service Provider in Hyderabad. Our IVRS integrated toll-free service can route all your incoming toll-free calls to a dedicated line or can forward them to the relevant departments on multiple lines based on your business needs.

Always stay connected with your customers with IVRS Plus Toll-Free Service. To make your experience better we bundled all those best and easy-to-use features as a package to offer them to you at an affordable price.

Key features of our Toll-Free service

Call Forwarding

No matter where you go, be accessible to your customers by enabling call forwarding feature from your number to your mobile, home line, office, call center, PBX or all of them.

Agent Wise Report

IVRS plus dashboard comes with customizable reporting feature. View agent wise real-time call reports to track every agent’s performance.

IVRS Whitelist and Blacklist

Set caller preference based on your priority. Maintain important clients under whitelist and block troublesome and annoying callers by easily adding them to the blacklist so that you don’t lose reliable clients.

Easy CRM Integration

Integrate your Toll-Free number with any CRM and maintain the caller database which includes caller location, call duration, time of the call and call recordings.

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Click-2-Call Feature

The click-2-call feature eliminates the need to dial a number manually and hence prevents dialing errors. Therefore your website visitors can call you with one click, driving more conversions.

Benefits of IVRS Toll-Free Service

Professional Image

Give your callers a professional image with our IVRS plus Toll-Free Services by representing various departments such as Sales, Accounts, and Operations over IVR.


Establish brand Image, market your products or increase your sales by using IVR voice recording on your toll-free number where a fancy voice promotes your brand and products.

Customized Call Routing

IVR efficiently routes all the incoming calls based on caller location or caller preferred language. For example, a caller from Mumbai will be routed to an agent located at Mumbai.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers can call your company for their concerns and queries without being charged, this boosts customer satisfaction.

IVRS Toll-Free services for different Industries

When customers call on your toll-free number, skill-based routing takes place based on IVR distribution logic. You can comfortably manage thousands of calls every day with few agents. Our dashboard provides you the detailed and real-time reports of the entire calls.

Call volumes of the recruitment firms are enormous; integrating our IVR with your online portal offers better application management. People seeking jobs can call on your toll-free number and make registrations in these portals by entering their phone number and DOB. Registered applicants will get an acknowledgment on their mobile hence the process is automated.

Your prospects and customers can instantly get connected to the agents by dialing your Toll-Free number, immediately a ticket is created for every call. Duplication is eliminated by API integration between your CRM and IVR services. You can efficiently fetch the detailed reports about the operations of the help desk that include Top 10 callers, Abandoned calls, Avg wait time, Answered calls and Feedback reports.


IVRS Plus is a powerful One-Stop cloud telephony solution equipped with highly customizable features making our clients extremely competitive.