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Intelligent Receptionist

    Intelligent Receptionist also referred as auto-assistant or auto-attendant, it is an intelligent call answering solution that performs multiple tasks as answering calls, delivering messages, taking appointments and forwarding calls without any hassle. IVRS plus Intelligent Receptionist helps you to translate incoming calls into a business by handling each incoming call effectively.


24*7 Availability

It helps you stay available to your customers 24*7 by letting you fulfill the needs of your customers even after office hours, Connect with callers anytime and every time they make a call.

Call Monitoring

Call monitoring feature allows managers and supervisors to listen to on-going support calls in real time to check the quality of the conversation.

Call Recording

Call recording option is an invaluable feature to maintain a superior customer experience by monitoring agents’ and training them based on their performance, also retrieve a particular call in case any issue arises.

Time-Based Call Routing

This feature lets you route calls with a high degree of flexibility to specific reps or queues based on the time of the day.

Setup Automated Menu

Set up automated menu easily to let your callers select whom they need to connect with.

Call Divert

Automatically divert the calls to one or more numbers when the person is unable to attend the call.

Easy CRM Integration

IVRS plus integrated solution enables you to work with third-party apps to process and analyze customer data, to give a more personalized response to the customers, to render better services and more.


Round the Clock Availability

Intelligent Receptionists are always available even on holidays and on weekends to take care of your business 24*7 hence not letting you miss out any opportunities.

Reduced Cost

Intelligent Receptionist help you to reduce your hiring costs of in-house reps or additional staff to handle large amounts of calls reducing your operational costs thereby increasing your ROI.

Improved Customer Service

With IVRS plus Intelligent Receptionist you can efficiently handle overflowing customer calls, reduce customers waiting time, answer after work hour inquiries, generate more leads and ensure efficient management of your business calls.

Maintain a Professional Image

Your Intelligent Receptionist represents your company in front of your customers. It greets your customers in a very professional manner; Gives the impression to the callers that you have more departments and employees and directs the calls in a highly organized manner.


IVRS Plus is a powerful One-Stop cloud telephony solution equipped with highly customizable features making our clients extremely competitive.