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 Inbound Call Center

No more missing a client inquiry call about your product or service, handle service requests, sales inquiries, manage agents, Intelligently route calls to specific agent or department and more with our IVRS Plus Inbound call center solution.

IVRS plus is a cloud-based and easy to set up software, our inbound call center solutions like call tracking, monitoring, real-time reporting, integration with almost all CRM, ticketing solution, robust analytics and IVR based smart routing system etc, empower you to deliver high-quality caller experiences and unparallel customer service.

Boost agents’ productivity and offer seamless workflow by instantly connecting callers with the most suitable agents ensuring quick first contact resolution. Simplicity, Effectiveness, and Affordability are the added benefits of IVRS plus. We are known as the best inbound call center service provider in Hyderabad, we helped many call centers to build strong bonds with their customers with our call center solutions. Our key inbound call center features are listed below.

CRM Integration

IVRS plus software integration with popular CRM s’ like Salesforce, ZenDesk ZOHO, Sugar, HubSpot or any of your custom-made CRM has made user journey more engaging and personified. The CRM Integrated IVRS Plus system reduced IVR to agent transfer ratio, provided multilingual support, improved customer satisfaction, goal conversion, and ROI.

Email Management

With IVRS plus you can create customized email triggers which comprise automatic notifications for missed calls or voicemails received out of office hours or the agent’s unavailability. Our clients are handling approximately 50% of the inbound emails using an auto-acknowledgment or auto-reply emails.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Improve customer satisfaction, reduce hang-ups and call drops and enhance the overall customer phone call experience with IVRS Plus Automatic Call Distribution feature, it flawlessly handles any surge in inbound calls, SMS’ or emails 24/7/365 days using automatic responses and intelligent call routings to the right skilled agents without the necessity of extra manpower.

Multi-Level IVR

Our intelligent call queue monitoring feature prioritizes which calls are to be answered first based on request urgency, caller profile or your predefined business rules. Enhance your callers’ queue waiting for experiences with our value-added features such as queue call-back, queue to voicemail, custom music, and personalized messages.

IVR Flexibility

Simplify your company-customer communication, create custom scripts and call flows, reduce faults and missed appointments with cloud-based IVRS plus software solutions.

Time-Based Routing

Route calls to specific agent or queues based on the time of a day like the time slots, the day of the week, or the public holidays and similar events.

Call Recording

Our IVRS distributed call center software records every inbound call and saves it automatically so that you can play pause or resume the call content to understand client requirements, call quality and compliance for actionable business intelligence.

Skill-Based Mapping For Agents

IVRS Plus skills-based routing algorithm assigns every call to the most appropriate call center agent after assessing various call metrics like agent’s specialization and availability, his/ her close percentage, caller hold time and busiest hours of the day.


IVRS Plus is a powerful One-Stop cloud telephony solution equipped with highly customizable features making our clients extremely competitive.