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Cloud-based Call Center Software

Call center solutions that are hosted on the cloud and accessed through the computer or mobile application that perfectly accommodates all users is known as Cloud-based Call Center Software. Access all essential features such as IVR, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Call Recording and many more features to efficiently manage your cloud call center. Cloud-based Call Center Software is scalable, more secure, less expensive and flexible than an on-premises system.

How IVRS Plus Call Center Software Works

Unique Customer Support Number

Choose an easy to remember customer support number and use this number as your unique customer-facing number to help your customers reach out to you instantly.

Virtual IVRS Plus Number

It will locate your presence where you not physically located. Callers use area Code before virtual number to reach nearest Outlet, Call center agents will answer calls and reduces incoming call cost.

Route calls to the right agents

IVR facilitates smart call routing by mapping customer calls to the right departments and agents based on caller dialed extensions ensuring instantaneous automatic call distribution ACD.

Customize the call flow

Make customized IVR menus; add automated greetings followed by custom-made button options to automate the call flow resulting in a speedy workflow of your business with zero call drops.

Feasibilities Of IVRSPLUS Distributed Call Center Solution

IVRS Plus Call Center solution is a manageable and flexible platform that adapts to your needs. Install it in a few easy steps and effortlessly integrate with your CRM in just a click. Save time, money and increase contact center’s productivity with error-free service.

By installing our call center software you will no longer need hardware, storage devices or additional staff like receptionist to transfer calls, also take customer’s feedback using automated IVR without extra work on an agent. Reduce operating cost, make extra profit and improve ROI.

For setting up a cloud-based virtual call center, you don’t require any software or hardware. You only need a web browser so that your agent can take calls from Landline, Mobile, IP Phone or a Softphone. Hence set up with almost no initial investment and low maintenance cost.

Reduce the hours spent on compiling reports manually, Our analytical tools captures thousands or millions of calls per month, analyzes the data and records variables such as how often a call is received from a number, the language most callers choose, the most selected option and number of calls answered by the agent along with their call records. All these trends in your historical reporting guides you to take the tactical and strategic business decisions at the right time.

Advantages Of IVRS Plus Call Center Software

Never miss a customer call and provide exceptional customer support with IVRS Plus call forwading option. READ MORE

Forward no answer calls or route calls when agents are busy to a destination number which could be SIP device, landline, your mobile phone or a call center number. Stay connected with customers at all the times.

Supervisory monitoring and recording all the customer calls is an essential part to verify if both callers and agents READ MORE

can understand each other’s conversation and IVRS plus monitoring and recording feature presents essential insights into exactly where customers are struggling hence based on these insights agents can be trained to deliver utmost customer satisfaction.

KPI’s are critical for improving an IVR system, easily create custom reports using our interactive dashboard READ MORE

Everyday to Determine low performing areas such as Customer dropout Rate- exactly where callers seek out for the agent’s assistance, Customer Displacement Rate –Percentage of calls resolved by the customers itself, Call Containment rate- No. of callers hang up in the IVR and lastly IVR Log-based reports.

Cut down the cost of hardware, storage devices or additional staff handle high volume calls with ease; READ MORE

reduce agent call transfers, drop-offs resulting in operation cost reduction, raise in profits and ROI.

IVRSPLUS Benefits For Different Verticals

Nowadays IVR services are used by almost all the industries at different verticals to provide round the clock customer service.

  • Banks implement IVR to provide account information, lodging emergency complaints, loan or investment related queries.
  • Hospitals take appointments through the IVR, Patient, and Doctor both get an SMS notification.
  • Education Sector uses IVR for new registrations, taking student attendance, for academic and cultural event announcements.
  • Telecom Industry uses IVR for Customer Care Services, Providing billings, tariff plan information and for informing the status of customer complaints.
  • Apart from these IVR is used to book movie tickets, petroleum booking, and distribution by Indian Oil, HPCL, companies run contests for product promotions, for booking gas refills and water tankers.


IVRS Plus is a powerful One-Stop cloud telephony solution equipped with highly customizable features making our clients extremely competitive.

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