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Your Intelligent Receptionist

IVRS plus has a long-standing history of excellence with a strong track record of providing cutting-edge IVRS Services for organizations of all sorts and all sizes to efficiently meet today’s challenging business demands at a fast-pace. Our flexible and handy modules of IVRS/ IVR Software is built to automate all the customer interactions such as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), a technology that handles a large volume of inbound calls and disperses the incoming calls as fast as possible to the most eligible agent based on the option selected by the customer. Consequently less hold time for the customers as the calls land on the agent’s lines who are ready to take the calls.

   The intelligent IVR here serves as your virtual receptionist eliminating human intervention and allowing businesses to focus on other major tasks. Other highly remarkable features of IVR plus are Click To Dial Function, Miss Call Alerts, easy to use Call Center Solution, Toll-Free Numbers, pre-recorded automated survey for measuring customer satisfaction and a simple telephony CRM integration etc, empowers you to create new business opportunities, build better brand recognition and stay 24*7 available to your clients. IVRS plus is a powerful One-Stop cloud telephony solution solving all the customer experience problems of your business. Our easily customizable solutions fit the requirements of various domains covering Banking, Real Estate, Telecom, Education, Healthcare, Retail and more, making our clients extremely competitive.

Why Choose Ivrs Plus


IVRS Plus is a powerful One-Stop cloud telephony solution equipped with highly customizable features making our clients extremely competitive.